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Coleman Laboratory

Coleman Group Lab Retreat 2019

The Coleman lab retreat 2019 was at St. Margaret's at Cliffe, near Dover. We had open and thought-provoking discussions about what motivates and demotivates scientists, the pros and cons of ambition in research, and how we can maximise efficiency and productivity without causing stress in other areas of our lives. We had a refreshing walk along the White Cliffs, a paddle in the sea, a fun evening's entertainment (details better kept quiet!), and with amazing teamwork we all survived the escape room at Dover Castle. 


The Coleman Laboratory does world-leading research into mechanisms of axon and synapse loss, looking for ways to alleviate axonal diseases. Our priorities are high quality science, valuing and training people, and disseminating knowledge to scientists and the public.

Coleman Lab Video

Watch our video explaining the science behind our research