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Coleman Laboratory


All change at the Coleman Laboratory

The last three months saw so many 'hellos' and 'goodbyes' we could hardly keep pace. So here, briefly, is an update.

Thank you so much to Rachael and Raquel, who left to pursue new aims in their native USA and Portugal respectively. We look forward to hearing about your future successes and will never forget your input during this highly eventful year.

Meanwhile, we said 'hello and welcome' to no less than four bright young things each one straight out of their first or Masters degree. It's great to have them around, bringing fresh ideas and dramatically bringing down the average age of the group. Ella, Bobby, Elisa and Clara are all wonderful new colleagues and we are really enjoying working with them.

Finally, a very special welcome to Louise, our new Executive Assistant. We are excited about working with you in this vital post for the success of our lab!

And with so many new beginnings, what better time to say "Happy New Year!" from all in the Coleman Laboratory.


The Coleman Laboratory does world-leading research into mechanisms of axon and synapse loss, looking for ways to alleviate axonal diseases. Our priorities are high quality science, valuing and training people, and disseminating knowledge to scientists and the public.

Coleman Lab Video

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